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TOP 10 Phone Tracker Apps to Track any Cell Phone

Highster Mobile allows you to monitor your mobile devices remotely. It works both on Android and iOS devices and is very easy to set up. The app updates location at an interval of 5 minutes and can be accessed from any devices with an active internet connectivity. Other than tracking locations, the app not only can track activities like viewing text messages, call history, photos, videos, and Facebook messages, but also can trigger the camera stealthily to take secret pictures and videos of the surroundings at your command.

Overall, it is an app that can solve most of your tracking problems that other apps can't. It can be used to find a lost phone, monitor children, and even track company devices when used by employees outside the company. Moreover, the Live Control Panel is very user friendly and allow users to find text messages, photos, and other documents without any effort. Phone Sheriff is one of the best phone tracker app available right now.

It is very easy to set up, as well as, to use, with its simple user interface. Phone Sheriff sends instant alerts and notifications to your phone via SMS, to notify you about geofencing, opening a particular contact, using profanities in text messages, or any other custom events set by you. Other basic features include web logger, call logger, text logger, app blocking, and locking out a specific feature or the whole phone.

Unlike all the previous options, Life is a free cell phone tracker app that does its job very well.

Hidden Mobile GPS Tracker

It also has premium versions with added features but at a very low monthly subscription cost. It is probably the cheapest option available in the market with all the tracking features that it offers. You can create a private circle with your family and closed ones, all of whom can share real-time locations and text messages among each other. In case of a lost phone, any of the other members can track the real-time location of the phone.

The premium versions even have a crash detection feature, that notifies all the users in a circle if someone goes through an accident, with the crash GPS location, so that they can send immediate emergency support. Daily activities become a lot easier if you have a knowledge of the current location of every family member. For example, you can ask your brother to buy some chips from a grocery store when your app notifies that he is in a grocery store right now.

The only thing this app does is track the location of your family members, and that too, free of cost. You can add multiple devices to track at a time, and can also send emergency alerts in case of an emergency to your close ones.

Choose The Best Cell Phone Tracker

The app uses a very little battery when running on background, thus, saving your battery life. The free and simple phone tracker, Where's My Droid has won a lot of hearts of Android owners because of its simplicity. Install this app to protect your phone and data from theft.

You can track the GPS location of your phone if lost, and even lock it and wipe all the data if necessary. The Elite version has a Theft Protection feature that alerts the user if it detects any suspicious activity like SIM card change, failed unlock attempts, attempts to delete the app, attempts to connect a USB device, etc. This version can also take photos of the surroundings when triggered remotely. The app can also be used in cases when one cannot find his phone in the house and it's in silent mode.

It can be triggered to force ring the phone, and even customized to play a siren instead of the ringtone to locate the device better. The phone can be armed with an alarm, so that it will trigger the alarm if someone picks the phone up. Glympse is a simple and free way to track any device real-time.

The app can be used to track multiple devices and can be used in applications like delivery tracking, tracking real-time location of employees, friends, and family members, and can be integrated with devices like smart watches and other wearables. The settings can be customized to for personalized tracking. It also comes handy for tracking in case of a theft.

Safe is a GPS tracking app that helps the family members to stay connected even when far away from each other. It helps families to track its members with real-time location sharing, route sharing, and sending battery warnings. It has a panic button to share emergency signal when in any emergency situation.

Developer: Glympse inc. Tracker GPS Mobile This versatile app allows you to track the location of your family or friends when they are moving or driving.

2. Sygic Family Locator

Developer: Mobile media networks, Inc. GPS Tracker-Mobile Tracker A reliable family guard that enables you to track the location of your family and never lets you down. Developer: Phone tracker, Inc. Phone Tracker Free A great tracking app which can locate your phone instantly. Developer: Google Inc. Developer: Family Safety Production.

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