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We have a right to our privacy and security. When governments violate these rights, our most basic intimate moments are violated, and our safety, security and trust are all put in jeopardy.

Stop Stingrays from invading your cell phone. Police scoop up data on thousands in mobile phone 'tower dumps' to track down criminals. Source: Sydney Morning Herald. Special investigation: Bugged, tracked, hacked.

Source: Channel 9. Spyware for sale: Hacking Team leaks show Australian companies scrambling to cash in on Government surveillance contracts. Source: ABC. Someone is spying on cell phones in the nation's capital. Source: CBC News. Canada's national police force officially confirms ownership, use of Stingray devices.

Source: Techdirt. Government use of surveillance devices must be restricted: privacy experts. Source: Globe and Mail.

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Source: Toronto Star. Surveillance device used in prison sets off police probe. RCMP fight to keep lid on high-tech investigation tool. Vancouver police refuse to disclose use of covert cell spy tech.

Police confirm agreement with spyware seller

Source: Global News. Are StingRay cellphone surveillance systems used by Vancouver police? Source: CBC. France has adopted in July the possibility for the intelligence services to use IMSI Catchers with a very weak oversight. Source: Recode. Audible alerts are relayed over the internal speaker, headphone output or create a custom alert to be triggered via the dry contact port. For more intense security alerts, consider WallHound to detect and also deter visitors and staff from using any cell phones or bluetooth.

A handheld cell phone detector such as Wolfhound-Pro is able to identify and locate unauthorized cell phones. Yes, WatchHound is networkable via ethernet and by deploying the optional software package, users can monitor multiple WatchHound units from any PC. WatchHound does not use batteries because it is a fixed, cell phone monitor. WatchHound can also include an external hidden behind unit optional mAh battery pack as backup power or for areas where cables cannot reach.

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WatchHound doe snot store any data locally. It sends all detection measurements and timestamps over the ethernet to any PC. The WatchHound can be deployed with either an omni-directional or directional antenna. When deployed at large inner open spaces the omni-directional antenna would be the most effective.

When deployed in corridors or otherwise constricted spaces for the purpose of perimeter security, a directional antenna is more effective. Watchhound Cell Phone Monitor is a simple, low-cost scanning device that simply identifies and timestamps nearby cellphone activity from a fixed point. No, WatchHound is a passive device that only detects RF signals over the air.

It does not communicate nor intercept any cellular data so it is completely legal and also undetectable. Typical range is about feet but this varies depending upon the environment and the antenna used. This product is not longer available for sale. If you require continuous monitoring of wireless devices, consider WallHound.

Detect all cell phones U. All products include standard 1 year hardware warranty.

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WatchHound Direction Finding Antenna quantity. Can the WatchHound be used to locate cell phones? New spy software has gone on sale in New Zealand to allow parents to monitor their children's text messages and cellphone calls. Sally Rae and Steve Herstell, who launched the software in New Zealand yesterday, said the application was aimed at helping parents prevent their children become victims of bullying, sexting and grooming.

She and Mr Herstell, her partner, gave her two daughters mobile phones so they could contact them if plans changed. They have the NZ franchise for MyFone and have now launched it, citing concerns about bad cyberspace behaviour.

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You can also GPS-track them. The technology then sends a text to the number asking for permission, which the person has an option of allowing. However, the Women's Refuge and civil liberties groups are horrified about what it might mean if the technology was abused. Mr Herstell said the software could be put on a phone and go unnoticed for a month, which was a loophole in the software that the company was working to close.

The presumption was you would have an enlightened parent wanting to care for their kid, but the reality is it's snooping on everything they do. NetSafe said as long as the product was used along with open communication between parent and child, it did not have an issue with it. New Zealand Herald.

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