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Completely depends on the software implementation in Android world, and unfortunately Android and everything OEMs put on top of it can require a big pool of RAM to be really snappy. Yeah, I had Android phones that clearly had not enough RAM and would slow down at times, but they would in general handle it on their own, at least maybe some very old versions. I distinctly recall that a phone like the Key2 was what was being screamed at Blackberry that it would have saved them, some 8 years ago.

Blackberry hardware and physical keyboard, Android, and BB services on top. Another thing! I can recommend the Nokia phones. System updates roughly every two months. Android Pie upgrade within 2. The biggest gripes are to do with Android, not the phone. Some of the problems that still plague Windows 10 are mobile-first features, and some of the things that ruined WP are lip service to the misguided efforts of a unified interface. Microsoft are utterly incapable of starting from a clean slate, so those mistakes will continue to plauge PCs and laptops for decades to come.

I think ms needs to do some things with their os, but the direction is clearly moving towards hybrids. Windows 10 works quite well on a surface or similar design. In a few more years when wireless screen casting at high speeds is a thing we will all be carrying around devices which are mobile when needed and not when needed. I could be wrong, but I think the Surface line was about doing things right internally and then showing the surrounding ecosystem what an integrated premium Windows experience can be. I think touchscreens make as much sense for a Mac as a physical keyboard makes for an iPad, which is to say — it sometimes does make sense.

Similarly, I do miss not having a touchscreen on my Mac, even though my usage of it would be limited if it were there. Perhaps the way for apple to thread that needle would be to add Pencil support o the Mac, but not finger-touch support…. I realized that they were right. Swipe-typing faster than directly touching the letters? Sure, a keyboard with good prediction such as gboard will make swiping pretty quick — but then there is also prediction for regular typing which saves having to type entire words. Color me unconvinced.

The only way swiping could be faster than typing is if you were using a phone with a small screen, negatively impacting accuracy sufficiently, or if the prediction on swipe keyboard modes was better than that on non-swipe modes. However, there is no modality-relevant reason for there to be a difference prediction accuracy. So if this is the case, the fact that swipe might be faster is a temporary artifact. As far as the screen real estate issue, I have fairly large hands, though use plus size phones i.

I can Swype pretty darn quickly. Re: Podcast apps, you should check out Podcast Addict. Another alternative is Pocket Casts.

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It too allows fine-gain control over what to automatically download, whether to do so over wi-fi or immediately, and when to delete episodes. I also use launcher 10, with a hot picture of my wife in her bikini during our 3 month stay in Cuba as the background. That helps take the sadness away. There are so many things WP did right, and I really think the failure was due to Ms not investing and the general perception of Microsoft at the time.

Google was cooler and they were quicker to compete. WP should have been free from the beginning. Microsoft mismanaged every aspect of Windows Phone, from the software APIs, to developer relations, app support, backwards compatibility, carrier deals, OEM relations, upgrade path and hardware and SoC support. That they burned nokia to the ground to do so is just more salt in the wound. It really was an amazingly colossal failure. Microsoft is to mobile what Hillary Clinton is to presidential politics. He really did the worst possible decisions, in the worst possible order, at the worst possible time for his company.

What a guy. Windows Phone was my first modern attempt at programming, back when Microsoft started making Visual Studio Community edition in an effort to get people to pick up the platform. Most of what I wrote only half-worked the way I envisioned. There were a lot of walls to break down inside my brain, and over time I got better and better with it.

The idea was to record meetings. You could make yourself a roster, create instances of the meeting, mark people from the roster present, keep notes on the meeting, and if you had contact info for people on the roster, you could email those notes. Who wants to keep meeting notes on a phone? Anyway, I showed it to my boss. So my boss thought of me. His cohort thought he was nuts, but it was a relatively low-priority project. If it stalled because I failed, no big deal. I was a team of one on a mission of what was perceived to be low importance.

My experience prompted me to go back to school for the nth time, and this time I finished my degree. That all stemmed out of a little self-motivation and hard work using tools that were free and easy at the time. So if not for Windows Phone, I would not be where I am today. Thanks, Microsoft. I loved my Windows phones. My Lumia , my favorite phone ever, is still my sturdy reliable backup phone! It might even still have this thing installed. If I could do that poorly I can do anything poorly. I remember doing Pascal on the notorious model 25 IBM terminals in high school..

Of course, IBM used that basic model for a long time. I think ours had CPUs. You sure about that? Seems like more people could. No idea. Thanks no really for the memories…. NET class library and the syntax. Not as cool as the user reviews: [url Great story, bro. Thanks for sharing. Type search above and then hit Enter. Anger Freaking Microsoft! Bargaining Well, maybe I can switch to Android and just use the Microsoft apps.

Depression This sucks. And so it begins Yeah, I know I used this intro before. This phone was five years old before being put to pasture Nobody liked what I did next. Miscellaneous Mobile computing. Comments closed. Zizy 8 months ago Switched a year and a half ago from Lumia with a broken screen. Well, at least I have apps. Fewer than before and they crash more often, but oh well. DancinJack 8 months ago Most recent update on Play store: [url. DancinJack 8 months ago I do not. Walkintarget 8 months ago It was a feature that never made it into the Android version.

DancinJack 8 months ago best post here, easily. Walkintarget 8 months ago Oh great and wise one, care to tell me how my Samsung will read me my tests, hands-free?? DancinJack 8 months ago The sheer amount of WP zealots that come out on this site always kind of amazes me. DancinJack 8 months ago thanks, bro. DancinJack 8 months ago Apologies, I thought it was Feb.

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  4. Not embarrassed to admit I was misinformed. Far better than it used to be at least, but still pushing me towards iOS now that I have work.

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    DancinJack 8 months ago Uhhhh, what? Install this: [url. Kretschmer 8 months ago Samsung phones are terrible and seem to persist in marketshare due to good hardware, intertia, and massive amounts of marketing. Anovoca 8 months ago Windows Phone died for me one fateful laundry day…….

    Judicator 8 months ago Bought an used XL two weeks ago to replace my Lumia and I love every bit of it. You die. Walkintarget 8 months ago I have never been so ticked off discussing a topic in my life. Everyone knows that. Appmia works on all mobile phones in spite of the network. You can spy on virtually any phone remotely and invisibly.

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