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GPS tracker for your infant, toddler, child, stroller, and many other applications. Departure and arrival notifications to and from home, school or other trustworthy places allows parents to monitor kids from anyplace at any moment. AngelSense is a GPS tracker for kids and a program for your parent, designed to create a secure world for children with special needs. Gain peace of mind knowing precisely where your child is at each moment! AngelSense is demonstrated to save lives. Live second upgrades. Designed for kids with special needs such as non-removable accessories to address sensory sensitivity.

It is the best way for parents to acquire peace of mind while their children are away from home. Parents can also see where their children have been with the place history feature. The GeoFencing feature enables parents to set a predetermined area and get an alert in the event the phone enters or leaves the area. Tracking will work when your device is billed, turned on, has network access and may not be available in distant or enclosed areas. See website for complete terms and conditions.

Up to 50 Things To Do Reminders, assist parents to create routines and tasks to get their child. It will demonstrate a beautiful icon with ringtone on the watch end to remind your child when time is up. It is going to report the present location into the Program and update on the map. It includes 2D and 3D Maps. The App is compatible with iPhones and Android mobile phones. Press and hold the middle button to talk, the same as a walkie-talkie.

National selection, just like a cell phone. Worldwide service not offered. Turn your smartphone into a walkie talkie and talk to anybody on your accounts.

What is Tinitell?

Track GPS place and install parental controls. You are able to play and replay past messages on Relay apparatus and the smartphone program. Comes with charging cable, USB power adapter, fast start guide, and 1-year merchandise guarantee. It is possible to join your Cube Tracker to many of the situations you need.

KidsConnect | KidsConnect KC2 4G GPS Tracker Phone

Use it to locate your keys, phone, purse or coat. When that item is missing, ping Cube with your mobile phone to make it ring. You can discover your mobile phone with Cube Tracker too by pinging your cellular phone with the button on Cube. The cube is likely to make your telephone ring even if your phone is on silent! Say you lose your keys in the rain, Cube Tracker is waterproof.

Say you shed them at the snow, Cube Tracker can endure in sub-zero temps. Once you recall you misplaced your keys, Cube Tracker can help you locate them around 2 years after you labeled them. Keep calm understanding you can quickly and accurately find your nearest and dearest or most-valued things in real-time. Certified for IP68 water resistance, protects from splashes, accidental water submersion, and poor weather conditions.

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Battery life that lasts up to ten times on a single charge for continuous observation. Create zones Which Will automatically alert you when the Tracker enters out or in, or put connected apparatus to turn on and off. The SmartThings program will show you the location of this Tracker anyplace within the broad range of a mobile network. GPS tracker for children designed and fabricated in the united states, the LandAirSea 54 uses GPS and mobile technology to track anything or anybody in real-time with extreme precision.

Constructed to withstand extreme conditions, this magnetic and waterproof device gives you the ability to discreetly hide it under a vehicle or onto any other asset that requires tracking. Powered by a rechargeable battery, it may last weeks depending on use. View a map of where and how your teenage driver was driving.

Receive a text if your older father wanders too far away from his home, and into a potentially dangerous situation. Keep tabs on company vehicles in real-time. Even get informed if one of your precious items moves from your home or office. Been able always to know that your kid can call you, is such a peace of mind. You and your kid can also have a video call.

Some models could need a monthly subscription, like your smartphone. Sometimes all I want is to know where's my kids, but I like the fact that we can communicate and send messages. If your kid is currently in school or at the cinema, you can always send him a voice or text message.

10 Best Phone Watches for Kids of 12222 – Gift Ideas for Children

This feature is also great when you are in a job meeting and need to send a message to your kid. Mom and dad can always send a text message or a voice message. Whatever is more easy for you and your kid. Such a simple solution to know if everything is OK. Your kid can only contact or been contacted by limited numbers of people. Depending on the model of smartwatches, the parents can set up a whitelist of up to 20 phone numbers who can reach or been reached by your kid.

Making it impossible for a stranger to contact your child. Also, your kid doesn't have to memorize and dial phone numbers. Instead, he can only select to call mom, dad, etc. Another significant benefit of the GPS smartwatch is the ability to track your kid, wherever he his. Your kid could be playing at the local park or been on a camping trip with the school, with the GPS feature you can always know where he his.

In case of an emergency, you want to know where your kid is right now. Some GPS watches offer the possibility to track your kid in real time. So you can pinpoint precisely on the map where your kid is, even if he his on the move and unable to answer your message.

The GPS technology enables you to create a virtual geographic fence and receive an alert if your kid leaves this perimeter. In my opinion, this is one of the coolest features of the watch. I could list hundreds of situation where I told my kids they could go play in a specific area but not further than a certain point. Of course, I trust my kids, but there are special occasions where I didn't let them go out of my sight because the danger was too high.

Even if they are in my sight, it so easy for them to slip out. Could be at the mall, the local park, the beach, wherever there are lots of people, it's easy to lose sight of your kids. Some smartwatches with GPS tracking can send you updates and notification at a set time. You could set the GPS watch to send you a location update every hour or five minutes. Depending on the circumstances, it could calm your helicopter parenting anxiety.

For example, this first time your kid come back from school on his bike or the first time he walks to visit his friends down the blocks. The GPS location history of where your kid has visited is saved for you to consult later. The location comes with specific dates and time frames so you can see exactly where your kid went or didn't go. This could be useful to re-establish trust after your kid went somewhere prohibited.

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I would be careful by only relying on the watch to know where my kid went. It's easy to leave the GPS wristwatch at a friend house and tell dad you were there all day and not at the local arcade. On the other hand, this is a gigantic advantage to find a lost item by your kid. With the historical route of the day, he could remember where to look. No more lost lunchbox ;. If your kid gets lost or feel scared, he can push the panic button, and you will receive an alert immediately.

You can preset a phone number to reach in case of emergency, and the alert along with the exact GPS location will be sent to this number. Before rushing into your car, you can call your kid to see what his the problem and evaluate if he needs your immediate assistance. If it's a real emergency, you can contact and give them his location. This is almost a spy feature, and I would advise only to use it in case of emergency. Some smartwatch for kids allows the parent to listen to what going on around the watch.

Just like a baby monitor, you can check-in if your kid is ok. Like a medical bracelet, parents can record emergency information within their kid's smartwatch. The kid who wears the watch can be easily identified in case of emergency. This is a life saver, for kids with strong allergies and severe health issues. You can set a tamper alert to get notified if your kid or someone else removes the watch. If so, you will receive an alert message with the last know GPS information.

Some smartwatch also has a Find my watch function that will make the watch to begin beeping. This is handy to locate your kid's watch in a messy room ;. First, it will motivate my kids to stay active and engaged in sports activities on a daily basis. I love everything that encourages kids to become active. Just like the step challenges in most adult fitness watch, your kid could set goals and achieve them. It is great for the self-esteem.

Also, the activity tracker feature makes the watch fun to wear. More chance for your kid not to get bored of the watch after 6 months. With a voice clock, your kid will always know what time it is. No more excuse like: I didn't know, I didn't see what time it was, etc. Kids love to take photos, selfies and make videos. Some smartwatch for kids has a forward-facing camera with selfies and video recording options.

After taking a photo, kids love to personalize it with a unique frame, effect or filter. Some watch will allow the child to edit the pictures and videos. I'm on the fence with this feature. I want my kids to be creative and enjoy music. But on the other hand, I think they watch too much television. Depending on the smartwatch you get for your kids, some can play music and videos tv show or movies. This is indeed a feature you need to put boundaries on. Just like mom and dad, kids can now have their own personal calendar with notifications and reminders. Such a great way to keep track of sports practices, homework and birthdays.

Parents can also assign a task to their kids, and the watch will send reminders to the kid. This feature will help them with responsibilities and boost their self-esteem by becoming more responsible. Some smartwatch models will have built-in games, and some will have the possibility to load more games. They offer a wide range, from virtual pet to calculator. You can find a game that is fun for your kid and also educational. If it's helping my kid to improve his vocabulary or to learn about geography, I'm all in, and I don't feel guilty.

If you want my advice on which GPS tracker is the best for you kid, check out this list I created of the top GPS tracker and smartwatches for kids. Before you choose the best smartwatch for your kid, you must consider the following factors. In my opinion, they make a tremendous difference between a good smartwatch and a useless piece of technology.

Read the technical specification and make your own test when you receive the watch. Make sure you keep the receipt. If the GPS watch you got for kid can't tell accurately where your kid is currently located, well it's no good. Check if the smartwatch can pinpoint exactly where your child is.

Test it outdoor but also indoor, because the GPS device could have limitation and you want to know about them before it's too late. Any wireless device may have a limitation when it comes down to the range covered by the signal. Make sure you are full-aware of those limitations before your kids leave the house with it. The range shouldn't be a problem if the watch is connected to the 2G or 3G network. As long as their cell phone tower close.

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  8. Just like cell phone reception or baby monitor, it can be challenging to get good reception inside a building. Because of the structure, the walls, the other wireless device, etc. Make sure the watch work inside the house, the school, the mall, the indoor sports complex or wherever else your child might use the watch indoor.

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    When you mix technology and kids, you want to make sure the device can take a large amount of suffering. The wristband, the GPS tracker and the touch screen must be shock resistant. Kis like to play with water and that why you need a watch that is water-resistant. A water-resistant watch will assure you that your kid will not take it off at the pool and forgets it. The most of models will be waterproof but check the specs because some advertise waterproof, but it's only in 3 feet of water and up to 30 minutes.

    You might want to know those little details before sending your kids to the pool with his brand new and expensive smartwatch. All of the cool features of a smartwatch for kids are no good if the battery cant holds up. From what I found, the most model will last from 24 to 72 hours on a single charge.

    Some can operate longer when on standby mode. I would love to have a watch that could last a couple of days before needing a recharge. This can make a massive difference between a useful watch or a left-at-home-because-the-battery-is-dead type of smartwatch. Make sure your kid can operate the watch. The touchscreen or the button must be easy to use and understand. See how simple it is for your kid's little fingers to answer your call or reach out for help. Also, the watch must be comfortable to wear. You can personalize the colors and styles for the watch.

    You kids will appreciate having his own custom smartwatch. So cool! Just like our smartphone, kids smartwatch have a silent mode. This is handy when your kid is in class or sleeping. You can pre-set times when the watch will deactivate the sound and the notification. As I am considering getting a smartwatch for my kids, I decided to create a pros and cons list. I will share with you what I believe to be a benefit and what are the drawbacks. Knowing that my kids call me in case of an emergency is such a peace of mind.

    Since they are young, I teach them what to do in case of emergency, and I'm pretty sure they know where to ask for help. The watch is just a more efficient way to get help.

    How To Track A Cell Phone Location For Free

    I get it why parents give a cell phone to their kids, and I would consider it. But before they are old enough to make good use of a cell phone, I think a phone watch is a great solution. When I look at the price of a smartwatch for kids compare to an iPhone, I fell it's pretty affordable for something that might get lost, broken, or forget at the bottom of the closet. Because my kid would wear it around the wrist, I feel there is less chance to get lost or broken than a cellphone.

    I like the fitness and calendar features along with the educational games. I feel that my kids will enjoy the watch will learning about responsibilities and get more motivation towards an active lifestyle. Some kids might get bored after a while and stop wearing it. The watch could end up with all the others useless stuff around the house. If I'm giving this watch to my kids while they are 6 and 7, what I'm going to give them when they are 16 and Also, some watch with 2G or 3G connection, need a monthly subscription.