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The 6 Best Free Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad

Phocus also offers extremely smooth focus adjustment while shooting, allowing for rack focus within a scene. On this list, only Filmic Pro offers similar focusing capabilities. Focus can also be controlled with a secondary device connected over Wi-Fi, so you don't need to touch the recording camera. It does expose significant power, from manual controls to bitrate adjustment, but it's not nearly as easy to use as the other applications.

But don't be fooled. For students or hobbyists looking to explore a high-fidelity video recording app, this is the place to start, risk-free. ProMovie Recorder on App Store. Kinomatic is a video recording app and video editing app rolled into one. It's capable at both, but its real skill is producing reasonably complex videos without the use of a computer, then quickly sharing them online.

The video editor can cut clips, add titles, manipulate audio and insert music.

Best Video Editing App for Android (2019 Review!)

The video recorder is less exciting, but it is well laid-out and the interface is highly legible. Though it is an older application, it will still run well on modern iOS devices. Kinomatic on App Store. Videoshop isn't a camera recording app, but it is an essential companion to one. It's a straight-forward and capable application for producing simple edited videos on your iPhone. You can combine multiple clips, add music, insert titles, and apply filters to your sequence, then share it to nearly any social media channel.

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This all happens within the app, with no need for a computer. If you want to share the video you spent all this time and money recording but you don't have the money or expertise for desktop video editing software, Videoshop should be the last stop before sending it out into the world.

Videoshop Video Editor on App Store. Videoshop Video Editor on Google Play. The simplified interface can work against those with more experience and expertise in video editing. If you want a professional editor to go with your professional iOS video recording app, look at LumaFusion. It's the single most powerful video editing app on the App Store, with professional multi-track editing and many of the tools you'd expect to find in a desktop NLE application. LumaFusion on App Store.

Share Pin Email. Alexander Fox is a freelance tech writer who loves translating tech for consumers. What We Like The best interface among available options Full range of professional features Output comparable with professional-grade camcorders.

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What We Don't Like Novice videographers will be totally overwhelmed Getting good footage requires good skills. The iPhone X is my primary computer.

I make music videos for myself and fashion films for others. I have used Lumafusion on iPhone 7 to make long 45min to 1hour and sometimes longer vlogs. I have tried to make slideshows with less than half second frames of 24 megapixel images on my iPad and that has run into problems likely due to how demanding and atypical of a task that could be. I have made music videos with p or p 60fps footage from my Nikon D and more modest slideshows with cut down to 8 megapixel images that last a second or longer into videos 1min30seconds with slight freezing, but valid export.


Long story short: if you love working on the go this app is amazing and will help you do that. On older devices there are some shortcomings, but if you have any device in the iPhone X series or iPads and forward you are good! On iPhone 7 and forward: great! Any other device that is older may have differences in speed, but push through any limitations and just have fun creating! Just tell stories! Hi Brandon, I'm not sure if you have contacted support, but please do. We would like to work closely with you to resolve the issue.

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Great update, guys! Now the app keeps immediately crashing, as soon as it opens! I click the icon, to start app. I pull in 2 short videos to edit them together. I try to link them, before editing, and the app appears to just shut down. I restart app. Likewise, you can take full advantage of software and hardware acceleration to make video editing on the double. Computer, containing hard drive, is a storage medium itself.

After the videos being brightened and adjusted, they can be saved into the computer as the target. In addition, computer can be connected with external hard drive, USB flash drive, etc. Literally, you don't have to worry about the memory space. VideoProc is kind of one-click solution that may be more ideal for the non-professional.

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It gives you full control over your videos, from video editing and adjusting to video conversion, compression and downloading, all is to go off without a hitch. After wrapping up two must-have preparations, follow further pictorial steps below. Launch VideoProc by double-clicking the icon on your desktop. After all target files are loaded, click the Target Format on the lower left and enter the Output Profile window. Scroll up and down to choose a target format for your target device.

Hit the Effect button on the 6 features bar to enter the editing interface, then a window will pop up, leading you to its editing interface. Brightness is in the first line of the center right area. Note : If you want to go back to the original brightness, you can reset by clicking the clock-like Reset icon on the bottom right; if you want to abandon the whole adjustment and go back to last interface, you can Cancel it.

Create and share videos using Adobe Premiere Rush on iOS

You can also adjust levels of Contrast , Hue , Gamma and Saturation in the same way and collaborate with Brightness to achieve the ideal color effect for your iPhone video. If no more changes will be added, hit the Done button. Other Options: VideoProc will let you edit iPhone videos, enhance video quality , resize iPhone videos, cut, crop, rotate, add subtitle and watermark to a video.

You can also deshake, denoise, merge, split, mirror, produce M3U8 video, add caption track, and so on. Tick Auto Copy for the fastest and unchanged conversion. Then tap the RUN button to start rendering and converting the video at the same time. It will be extremely fast much faster than most of other video editor programs. After the video editing is completed, find the target file on the Output Folder, and transfer the video file back to iPhone if necessary with DearMob iPhone Manager you have downloaded and installed in the previous section.

The default editing feature on iPhone is limited to video trimming, so you have to depend on a third-party iOS app for color correction and changing. Before we turn eyes towards the top video editor apps for iPhone, a quick word on the disadvantages of on-iPhone video editing.